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This site was meant originally to be dedicated to plumbing as a field of 3d graphics. But eventually it developed into a site about graphics, computers, digital art and some plumbing. Navigation is made as simple as possible. The bar above is quite self-explanatory. It contains the following buttons: "home", where you are now, and where I put my albums and other important information, "tutorials" which indexes the articles and tutorials that I wrote, "contact", where you can send me an email, if you have something to say, and "sitemap" for the curious and web-crawlers. "thoughts" is my blog.


The Picture of the Day

This is a random picture from the ones I took and developed in Photoshop by myself.

Click on it to get more information and find out its location.

picture of the day

Guelph Spring 2009

Guelph Spring 2009 This photo album includes pictures I took mostly in Guelph and some in Stratford Ontario. The pictures were developed in Adobe Photoshop to their final state you can enjoy. Alternatively you might want to take a look at the movie on Youtube. Make sure "High Quality" is checked.



TexGenPOV I was delayed at my plumbing work in winter 2007-2008, and in order to kill the spare time that I had in a huge amount I wrote in PHP and Javascript an on-line POV-Ray texture generator that I named TexGenPOV. It's a neat texture maker that outputs in a clean POV-Ray code and allows a fast preview. Unfortunately due to net limitations it doesn't support transparency and other slow features like interior and radiosity. But I hope to develop my program further to add everything that was not included yet and make it a really powerful texture editor, if I get enough of feedback and am sure that my TexGenPOV is needed. It will be off-line this time. One more important thing about TexGenPOV is that you can save your experiments in TexGenPOV's database to share with your friends and the whole world, like this.



I like to read ebooks which sometimes contain words that I don't know. I want to learn and to use them in my speech now and then. At first I tried saving and organizing these words and their definitions with a nice word-processor. That was great, but slow and inconvenient. Then I switched to a plain text and a text editor. That was a bit faster, but still inconvenient and ugly. When I got tired of all those useless manipulations, I wrote my own words organizer and dictionarier which is very convenient to use and is a great help to save, search and manage the words I want to memorize. And when I need them printed, if I really need it, I export the entire dictionary or a specific page into a nicely formatted text file which I decorate in a nice word-processor later on. More...


Electric Sewage

Electric Sewage This is my first album. It was inspired by reading Ontario Building Code Part 7, when I was preparing to take the plumbing exam for the provincial license. Besides other images it contains one nice picture and a couple of pretty gross ones. The shapes were made with sPatch and rendered in POV-Ray. The Ontario Building Code is not the most exciting book in the world, and I don't use sPatch anymore. It's a simple modeling program with limited capabilities. I discovered that Blender is more powerful and efficient. But POV-Ray is the best. Also I made a nice  guide about POV textures and their syntax. It's a great reference material for everyone who begins studying POV-Ray.


Next album is coming soon.